How To Negotiate The Right Price When Buying A New Car

If you intend to purchase a new car, be sure to set the ground rules earlier and level the playing field because you’ll sure be an armature in this field. A salesperson wants to make good money while you want to get the car at a price your think is fair. The trade-off is what you are fighting for. Below are tips on how to negotiate the right price when buying a new car.

Use your strengths

Be sure to search and know the MSRP, vehicle purchase prices and competing bids from other dealerships. Having this information first hand will give you a level ground to counter a salesperson aim to use the MSRP and going up or utilizing the unsuspecting monthly payments. Avoid this option. When MSRP comes up, be sure to start with the lowest price and then proceed upwards no the other way round. Remember the MSRP has been well factored in by the manufacturer when selling to the dealer. Also, be wary of the confusion where the salesperson lumps everything as this hides the details. So instead, suggest one-item negotiation at a time.

Set the grounds for negotiations

If the dealer knows that you’ve thoroughly done your research, he or she will soften the negotiating tone. On this count let him or her know that you understand the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Secondly, show that you’ve calculated what you intend to pay including the profit. In additio

n, show that you done a test drive and you understand the trim level, the options you want and what the car dealership invested in that specific car. When you are almost do


ne, it is prudent to inform them that you are willing to pay immediately they approve your offer.


Salespersons are high convincing and they in fact understand your vulnerability and may want to take advantage of that. Know your stand and be willing to walk if the negotiations are not forthcoming. Learn to say yes immediately they accept your offer.

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